Abby and Sophie met with a kiss one fateful day in college. They've been inseparable ever since. This is a short story offering a peek at an intimate moment between the two women.

The story was originally written and posted by me here. I then modified it to be interactive using Twine and created the illustrations using The Sims 4.

I plan on making more of these, both with these characters and to illustrate some of my other stories! I'm still experimenting with how I treat screenshots for inclusion. Let me know what you think!

Known issues: I simply cannot get the file to work correctly without one image being corrupted or missing. The one I managed to settle it on is not important and does not detract from the story. The next and previous buttons will move, so be sure you scroll up to keep going! There's more to see. One day I might find the cause and fix the issue. Sorry!


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Nice little Twine story! Look forward to reading (and seeing) more of Abby and Sophia.